Old Hands

Her hands, old and slowly weathered, were drawn as cries of faintest
Remain, as blackened lines of some primordial pain carved into,
The skin of amber clay, darkened and damp in lonesome display,
Some ancient lover’s aching marks perhaps, in desperate, maddened arc,
Held sublime in time as though the ages of pain remain still, yet moving,
Through pages much the same, with strength long departed, only scrawls,images
Upon these orange and crumbling walls, her hands, so old, fingers parted.

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Naked Poems

NOTE: Originally posted Sept. 16, 2018. Revised.


I’ve hated poems.

Wound up and unfurled like fastballs,
All that kinetic energy

But the object, missed
Entirely, spatters
Noiselessly upon
The frail night hope.

I’ve hated poems,
The stupid way they lie there,
You want to roll them up
Like dead bodies from a train,

Like dead women, you dismantled,
Blood let by accident,
Rug and poem long gone,

Truly deadened poems may as well,
Be a girl dated briefly,
Wanting friendship, yet you groped,
And cursed her worth.

I’ve hated poems,
Cursed their stubborn lives,
Refusing to depart this world,
While the cabbie, managing to

Cajole a trip upstairs
And into my bed at 3:15
Wore all my hate as flesh,

Though I woke to follow,
Naked curves in morning
Light alone, hated poems
Right down to the bone.

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Blue Words

smoking ghost

Blue on a black night,
Blue, more than blue,
More than you,
Words I long to write,

Singular note sits,
Says not a word,
Eyes of far star,
Smoking blue smoke,

And now I might,
Upon his singular note,
Put down only,
Every other word,

For if I wrote each
They would surely

Me, down the blue note
Leaving only he,

Whiskey neat,
And from the other seat,
Singular note would
Turn to speak,

After given,
The entreat,
Whiskey neat,
Would drink and think:

Why, he says,
Would you drown,
In her words for
Is this worth,

Risking second,
Blue birth,
More sad than

More sad on blue
Blue night,
Rather than write,
Solitary word,

Like solitary note,
Like goodbye,
Or hello,

Or blue, bluer
Or her color,

And I understood
His solitary quip,
For words I would,

Cannot be sung,
On solitary note,
Nor upon blue, blue
Water, ever float.


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I Would the Dark Night Wonder


dark night

I would the dark night wonder
If left alone with him,
Are all the stars asunder,
As lonely as I’ve been.

If only he and I could talk,
For all the stars had hid,
I would the dark night ponder,
Why does the light not sin,

Why do the stars in chorus,
Sing heavens lonely song,
I would the dark night wonder,
Why daylight washes wrongs.

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Four and twenty

Baked in a pie, so we love to sing,
Four and twenty blackbirds all for the king,
Who this fucking king, so deserving this,
Four and twenty baked, served with a kiss,

How we long to keep the pies that we bake,
But we fail to meet our own simple fates,
All we put together, all we take from stove,
Four and twenty baked, here we taste the love,

Smoke a little more, now we know the cost,
Love we let do damage, and deny the loss,
Baked in a pie, all for Kings to dine,
Four the twenty birds black, love kills the mind.

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I Went Back and Got Mac

Picked him up off the curb,
Mac and his damn riot boys,
Chains and all them other toys,
Four and twenty done the deed,

Only prob., his other needs,
Something no one else could feed,
I went back wading through the noise,
Finding my way with old feels,

And Mac lay there, all super still,
Stiff, not yet, cuz I could will,
Telling my shadow to stop the rhymes,
One minute more we’d be counting dimes,

But I went back despite the cost,
Forgetting to count the going-back loss,
Stripped and beaten like on the cross,
I went back and got Mac, wait.. he bleeds.

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Jupiter is Lonely

High on the darkness burns his soul,
Swirls to streak his foolish heart,
Storms so told, of great scale blow,
Too young to die, too old to part.

For Jupiter is lonely, I suppose,
Turning round so far, so far,
So large upon the stage he rose,
To rescue his love from her star,

Collapsing upon its weight untold,
For love is like the giant orb,
Turning round so ageless, so old,
Streaked in the lashes love absorbs.

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