graves   When He is passed among us
Yet He is not touching us.
Not one of us is touched by His
Passing among us in His going.

Going and coming is the same
In His moving from this world
Into his Father’s land, into His
Mother’s ulo He is returning to

His uzo, to the beginning with
Good Earth Mother in His bosom
Beneath the Obeche tall and noble.

When we stand still and apart then
We can know He is passing between
Us, going first to you and then to
me and we are once more together.


About Pitboss14

Cosmic surfer of paradoxes.
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4 Responses to Ebee

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  2. Pitboss14 says:

    You have sight. You have talent.

    Tell us not about your own pain. Tell us not how you were hurt.
    The value to your reader is to know instead what you saw when you stood above your pain and looked down. The value is to understand the pain of the one who brought pain to your doorstep. The value is to understand the story of the pain that roams about and cannot find a home to lay its head. Of the pain that wants to be something beautiful and good but instead was called to be pain. Keep expressing yourself. It is a healing balm.

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