Oh the secrets


Goddamn, the secrets a woman (man) will
tell on standard Sans Seriff
and fucking not even know it

Why did he (she) choose such
as three line stanzas of verse
wishing immediately the worst

For shit like Vietnam, communist
oppression, opulent mindless
repression, of the children begging

for cigarette money, some fat
German (American) (Russian)
calling them honey, oh!

The sickness of our souls
Walking around as mindless ghouls
And beer (whisky) flows

But oh, the whole scene blows,
She mouths off like a sailor
Where does hunger start, and

No one to bail her
Out of the dark, dank
Night, no one to fight

for anything even

right. (I hate this world)


About Pitboss14

Cosmic surfer of paradoxes.
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