Shooting Tar

Tar     Truck cometh, blowing loud, thundering
Down black ribbon, a hulking behemoth
Proud and sulking in concluded sound
Though hiding what? No one looks or froths,

See what I’m saying? GIVES a shit,
High, wasted, disdain for your like
Not even slightest, moral pretentious bit
The Babylonian whore does not draw a look

We all hide in our sins, that is the love
The beautiful beehive built between
Walls of feathers of the diligent white dove
Wrapped in headdress of our Father’s

Ancient worshipping of all large Gods
Oh! Exclamation of the wildest bloody
Sacrifice of what I would not dare to nod
But He the God, the Damn God of All

And we follow in drunken want of knowing
This bliss in travelling, in the journey we
Made and all kind of danger along the going
But still in the journey deluded we seek

An answer for the dearly departed man
Whom for all manner of highly stoked
Cat, oh, okay I dig their own crazy plan
To interpret near and far the meaning

Of the Big V, the Big O, yeah, yay-ah!
Grab that grass and thumpity thump
Chase it, chase it, be that smooth play-ah
Chase that black ribbon down the crack.


About Pitboss14

Cosmic surfer of paradoxes.
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