Environmental Choices


Mark Rothko writing in his book, The Artist’s Reality: Philosophies of Art,  “Mark Rothko” Yale University Press.  New Haven and London.  2004.

On man and his environment (in relation to art):

“Man’s adjustment to his environment may be of three types. He may take the easiest route and continue within its immediate dictates upon the lines of least resistance, he may struggle against it, be overcome and, as a result, perish; or he may defy its dictates and bend it to his own desires.
In any of these cases he has encountered it, has grappled with it, and has proceeded to live with it. Environment is not a static thing, for every time man acts he has both augmented and changed it.”  (Page 111)
Personally, I like to consider Mr. Rothko’s ideals and theories on Art concurrent to consideration of artistic expression in the written form.  After all, art is art.
In another passage of note Rothko quotes several lines of a poem by Michelangelo. In it he notes the irony of “madness” conducive to purest artistic expression as it relates to “madness” of society’s quite irrational fears of just such madness:

“Ill hath he chosen his part who seeks to please
  The worthless world, – ill hath he chosen his part,
  For often must he wear the look of ease,
  When grief is at his heart; “
(Page 2, from “The Life of Michel Angelo Buonarotti [1807])

In short, we must go where art leads each of us.
Grapple? Most assuredly.  Grapple…and report of it.
Win or lose matters not.

It is the report we seek.

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