Ocean Gifl   When she did not cry under the bridge
As death circled overhead in great spiral
Of black pumiced vitriol..

I knew her.

When the waves came in threes collapsing
Upon her mango lycra in tumbling fury,
She beat her breasts against the spray and shook
The shimmering sea from her hair

and I knew her.

When at deepest tick of the great hall
Clock the chime donged deep, and sweat ran
From her coiled forehead in rivulets staining
Crimson her hands, she cried out, “Wait! oh, Wait!..

and I knew her.

When no fallen sorrows could I catch
Without dropping others, and not one good
Thing would come from looking up, but still
I did, and her smile came round the corner of
Her soft shoulder like lemon ice heaping over..

I knew her.

All of her I knew.
Why then, did she not know


About Pitboss14

Cosmic surfer of paradoxes.
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