Your brilliant beauty threatens
To suffocate my gaze
With radiant color and stupid

Your little naked strut and
Then the shaking and shimmying,
Underneath the coiled torso
Pummel-lumelling you.

Oh, the rattle and hum!
Oh the lows, the highs.
Oh the moans and sighs.

A single golden-green hummingbird
Loiters among the perfumed
Lavender Columbines.

The wandering, wondering,
Wonderful, zippity gypsy.
Mirth! Mirth!
I have struck you as a minted coin.

Fallen and fluttering.
Stay then Angel.
Sensual Silver surfer
Of my craven despotism.

We will cast for our
Dinner among the frothing waves,
Poseidon be damned.

And drink from the fount
Bleeding up from within
Our welled


About Pitboss14

Cosmic surfer of paradoxes.
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One Response to Flutter

  1. EricWK says:

    Nature-inspired, teasing romantic. Poetic. Nice!

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