Beg Marks

Jungle path

I would snap black and white photos
Of thick black hair pillowing bare shoulders.
You would hear deep inhale and know the
Musky scent perfuming my eager nostrils.

I would bite the softness of your softness
in moments of orgasmic paucity leaving
Spots like those of the great leopard cat,
Who reclines upon thick limb of Kachere tree.

Proud beg marks of moans and bruises
For you to cover with prouder excuses.
When you spoke of a yard work mishap I
Would feel the sting of your sharpening slap

On my jaw and the eros of my manhood in rhyme.
And strolling down the darkened path I would opine
With my eyes, “ what kind of cat in heat follows
Such smoldering degeneracy into dark hollows

But I would keep your secrets and give you pause,
And wrap your wounds in fine white gauze
Of whispered bliss sweetened with soft kisses
To soothe the pain of our carefully hidden misses.


About Pitboss14

Cosmic surfer of paradoxes.
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