Finding you early


Count the lost days of our grape flavored youth,
Wave to the follies and wink at the truth.
Moments flash bright, though two lives apart.
What if we ponder an alternate start.

One of entwining somehow as we raced
Crazily lusting for passions we chased, like
Each night was certain to break at the end
And all the week’s wages so eager to spend.

You under moonlight, with legs brown and lean,
Longing that I slip my hand in between.
What if the writer snuck in just two paltry pages
Surely the book must then turn for the ages,

If, in his mischief, our writer decided
To detour his story and quickly incited
The meeting of US in some random event
And penned my blue eyes quick and hell bent,

To capture the heart of the gypsy in white,
And hold to her hand and talk through the night,
She smiles and she giggles when I pronounce pool,
I talk of the north with the sense of a fool.

Never you mind we are fresh but unripe,
I pull you closer as we burn through our fright.
With hands that are eager and lips for the other,
Soon we are feeling what both have discovered,

A wondrous new lover who burns with their gaze,
The heart skips two beats, the head in a daze,
The body is magnet to touch and embrace,
The future unfolds through the glow in the face.

Yes the writer could drop us among any chapter,
And we would change words to get what we’re after,
So strong is the cosmic, the mystic, the knowing,
The US of our US is the love overflowing.

So think of us then, young and so wild,
Think of the joy to discover my smile.
And I to find Jersey, the sass and the prance,
How gleeful the life, how graceful the dance.


About Pitboss14

Cosmic surfer of paradoxes.
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