Okay, I give up.


Oh, hey, want something new,
Known to just the hip or the few?
You know, I mean the instagram crowd,
Those brash, impertinent, minions loud.

The kids these days, so knowing – so lewd,
It’s not surprising to see them so crude.
Wait, the rhyme you expected was nude?
Come on! I have kids who come from this brood.

See, that’s the problem I’m finding these days,
No one can manage the digital age.
We take what we see as timeless – oh fools!
Despite all the warnings, damned with the rules.

Kids of today don’t heed our appeals,
Simply because the digital deals,
In whatever the mind imagines or sees,
Regardless of crass uncertainties.

This virtual world has produced a new cast,
Those who believe that the image will last.
I, perhaps you, will call bullshit on that,
We prefer nuance, we don’t do snapchat.

But the new will win out and subjugate vile,
Stale generation of crazed flower child.
It’s funny, there once was a time when we too,
Would’ve freed all the lions from out of the zoo.


About Pitboss14

Cosmic surfer of paradoxes.
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