Dark Surf.3

I stripped and waded into
A night surf tumbling.
I leapt, white on black.
I was a fish now, enjoined
With the sea.

Buoyant in my
Slippery nakedness,
My cock to the
Heavens, the breaker
Washed across.

I felt for my own hole.
I wanted the salty water to
Course its opening filling
Me with its fluidity.
I wanted to be the sea.

I rolled, dove,
Then thrust upward,
As the moon shone down
And the water shimmered.
I was alive.

More alive than my own
Nakedness could
Make me feel. More alive
Than this mother ocean
Could hold inside.

I was exposed for
Weakness, the endless,
Everlasting womb
I knew upon my skin
Was comfort.

We will all die.
The cool blade of
Grim Reaper comes.
Still, we run.
In vast, dark ocean

Death seems mutable.
The heavens reach
Down and touch naked
Flesh in admiration.
I am alive.

Go to your fears.
Cling to those failures,
Which cling to you,
Like sand.
I will live.


About Pitboss14

Cosmic surfer of paradoxes.
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