Have you seen this couple

Water falling.jpg


Fall in love.

Those shoes that wore out
That shirt worn thru
The recipe you did not write down
Such lyrics you did not remember
They just wore a hole in your brain
Wow! Love is – the IS.
Stupid things you say
How about the crazy pic

Smokes. Together in the dark rain
And hand in hand. Hand in hand??
OMG, electricity! Hand in her hand.
No power. No money. No strength.
No symbol. No title. Not the IT
Couple. Hand in hand. A jolt.
Shuddering. Love has come.
Love has shown.

Not Christmas
Not grateful, no
Not friendship

Love. Love in one suit.
Love. Surety.
And the expression beyond

Big, white water falling
Eternally down from far above
Eternally falling and falling
Down, silent in falling
Thunderous in rejoining itself
In crashing pool of foam.

Then winding in silent green
Onward through thick forests.
A love like this is not
One understood to have
Or hold, or make stronger,
Or weaken in not looking.

Fall in love.
Go over and apart.
Come back to me, clinging.
Make thunderous drumming,
meshing, moving love.
Be silent then.
Know. Rest.

All we can see or hear
Will not be enough
To know this love.
It must be lived.


About Pitboss14

Cosmic surfer of paradoxes.
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