Cigarette     Some days the light goes out in the hall,
Flickering unsteadily like cigarettes on
Windy nights out by the lake – unsteady steadies.

Awkwardly figuring out you were losing faith,
I literally chained smoked my nerves into a
Nicotine haze waiting for the over to be over.

I rise two steps towards the upper corner,
Unsteadily waffling on a two step, step ladder,
Given to me by my dad before he turned yellow

And died. The bulb burns my hand, a yellow sizzle.
How one forgets a lit bulb is acutely hot I don’t
Really know, but I remember why I did not change

It now.  I remember why I put up with the flicker
For so long, sighing a sigh each time as though
Somehow the act of changing is really just too much.


About Pitboss14

Cosmic surfer of paradoxes.
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