I thought she’d love me as many times as I held her.
Close, like the night, squeezing her side and pulling
Her against my stomach and holding her there and kissing

Her hair, while saying something soft and low against her ear.
All this time we danced softly to the whine of the speaker
On her phone, a soft jazz singer telling us about this love.

“Let’s go the movies Boo,” she said, trying to rein in my urge.
“This will keep.”
It was surrender and best to listen

‘Cept I moaned as she tugged my hand toward the car.
In the dark theater we munched popcorn as she fought
My hand of roaming lust, saying “watch the movie, Boo!”

I thought she’d loved me, me giving her the movie
And all, and still hungry for her full body.
Imagine my sickness at her showing me the ring, after.

“Why’d you drag me to the movies then, Day Day?”
“I don’t know Boo, maybe I wanted you to know I like
Going to the show with you.”


About Pitboss14

Cosmic surfer of paradoxes.
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