Hey that mutherfucker cld make that guitar talk couldn’t he?
I mean make that fucker screeeammmm.
Toe it up man! Toe it up.

One time I seen him play behind his back baby.
I’m talking bout –  looking at the crowd and he’s playin
Full tilt, behind his fucking back and not missin a lick.

Who does that shit? Who fuckin does that shit?
I couldn’t hold his beer man. Could not hold his
Fucking beer!

In the end he couldn’t take that kind of fuckin
Magic man. To be that talented. For that shit
To be that fuckin easy to a guy.

Ain’t nobody knows what its like to be that
good but a few. And it kills them. KILLS them!
Its like, “why me?”, you know?

“Why the hell did I get picked to have this
shit come so easy?” In the end its just too much;
All the yelling and screaming. And for what?

Something they been doing since they was
Ten years old, man. So fucking easy.
Too easy to live, that’s the curse.


About Pitboss14

Cosmic surfer of paradoxes.
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