A Night Caller

We tangled and we tussled, rummaged
For smoke, scrounged for socks to warm
That dark hallway as calling echoed still
In heavy Summer air against the whippoorwill,

Who cries in full despair his woeful shout,
Come, come down here! Come, come down here!
And towards the fence line we crept out,

Along the path against the gurgling
Pasture creek as moonbeams peeled
Back the dark grass wet with dew
And Virgin lass of Greek myth did mew,

Come, come down here! Come, come down here!
Down along the carpet grass we slowly keeled,
I knew, I knew he hid there on small branch
Calling for his lover come, bare of fear,

As ancient Sirenuse had done, mournfully long,
Hauntingly strong, on and on and there again,
Until, a pause… and darkly rose he fluttered
Farther and lit once more to issue stutter.

Suddenly we paused and in the moonlight saw
Bright eyes of some nocturnal beast, loud with
Glow and not the least afraid to stare upon our awe,
Naked souls he found and we discovered myth,

Staring seeming time on end and then the call again
This time from where we first traversed,
Now to rush we flew! Laughing at the noisy din,
To whom we never met, but in whose calling bursts,

He may have never seen such silly ballywho
As evening lovers wet with summer’s dew,
Tapping out retreat from whippoorwill did flee
Lovers tumbling into grass did fall so gleefully.


About Pitboss14

Cosmic surfer of paradoxes.
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