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I dream of the cold white winds High up In the Tushar mountains. The still voice Of a lover is the cold Wind shaking my slumber. Breathing in Almost imperceptibly. Not moving. My ears fill with sound. Pines high Upon … Continue reading

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Essay on time bent

I dreamt of three ladies and I among them. The children were there and laughter caught the air as they frolicked about. Then out the door and down the hall and into the field we went, all they while I … Continue reading

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You have a wildness inside of you, Like thundering horses, Running unbridled upon the plains. Listen to your dreams speak, As Jacob did, and Joseph after. Write them down when you awaken. Here the quiet girl walks, Among heavy breathing … Continue reading

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  The times have ticked along like babies, Spiders I mean, bursting from a tightly spun Bundle of rounded web, a cocoon of motherly Making for thousands of them – the times. Going off in all directions, little eight Legged times … Continue reading

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In every man the calming of the sea does lie, Beneath his rush and worried day within a quiet eye, Which peers into the onward flow of crystal glass, He waited patiently the elevator stops to pass, And quiet in … Continue reading

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I dreamt

I lay on my couch in my underwear in my darkness. Underneath my blanket. The low murmuring of adjacent offices wandered in and out of my ears. My own thoughts rabble on, loudly at first, but slowly subsiding into background … Continue reading

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